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Durability is obviously one of the top concerns for homeowners when picking the perfect flooring. When talking about the sturdiness of a wood floor hardness is the first thing buyers focus on. Although hardness does contribute to the overall durability there are numerous other aspects which lead to the overall durability. Including but not limited to the sheen, color, and complete. Keeping these factors in mind when selecting your floor will result with a great looking floor for years to come. Now let's have a look into how these factors can help contribute to the long-term elimination. Hardness The hardness of wood species is determined using the Janka Hardness Test. Janka rating is great for specifying the dent resistance between wood species. For example, some of the more popular flooring choices that are considered"hard" are Brazilian Walnut (Ipe) and Brazilian Teak (Cumaru). Both of these species are greater than 2 1/2 times harder than your ordinary Red Oak. Now tha
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Make your home your happy place

Does walking through the doorway in the end of the day leave you feeling flat and uninspired? Is your lounge room lacking lustre? Then it May Be time to get a mood-boosting interior makeover. The simple reality is your interior d├ęcor options influence your disposition. There is even a whole new professional field for this concept called neuroarchitecture. It examines how colour, lighting, space and the layout of your room can affect your physical and mental wellbeing. One of the biggest factors when designing a space is colour and the choices you make can affect your mood in more ways than you think. Colour has the power to invigorate, to calm, to boost creativity and can even stimulate the desire. Choosing the right color is essential to setting the tone and purpose of a space. A lot of people would know about the calming effects of gloomy, that green naturally imbues a room with feelings of renewal and growth and that yellow is associated with warmth and happiness. Just how does this